Fallen Again

Oh God, I come before You just as I am
For I have fallen on my face again
So here I am humbled once more
Trying to pick up my heart off the floor

Lord, I know I’ve made promises and broken them too
But Father, You know I want to be like You

God, with what I have done, I don’t deserve to live
But I’m asking You, Father, to please forgive
You know my desire and my heart’s plea
Please take my mind and transform me

God, I don’t want money, or silver, or gold
I don’t want fame or to be in stories told
Just give me the strength and the courage too
And boldness to tell others about You

Father, I don’t understand why You love me
But it makes me feel so special and loved again
Thank You for being my Savour and Friend


One thought on “Fallen Again

  1. This is such an amazing poem. It captures God’s grace and never ending love so well. Even though we all mess up and fall flat on our faces, He is always there to pick us up and brush us off and guide us on our way again. I love you! Keep up the amazing work!


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