I Am…

I am so young yet I feel so old
The burden I carry makes me tired and cold
My nights are long with never any rest
Why am I told; “You are so blessed”?
I try to endure through everyday
I hear words but not what people say
These days are so very full of strife
The pain I feel is like a burning knife
yesterday life seemed just fine
please tell me that all this is a dream of mine
I wish this was over, over yet not true
I’m left in the dark with no light shinning through
The sorrow inside is about to explode 
And the what comes out is a story untold
It’s full of remorse, anger, and doubt
It will tell of the joy of ones so bold
That followed the light held high by the Savior
Who always trusted God when in danger
The path we take will never be easy
We shall be tempted with thing that make us busy
Life will get hard and He’ll take our hand
Ever leading us to that blessed land

Copyright © 2007 Caleb S. Allen


One thought on “I Am…

  1. This poem makes me want to cry. You capture your emotions so well when you write them down. You say you are not good at communicating, but you are. Just in a different way.


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