Searching For You

I searched the world hoping to find
The girl that one day would be mine
So I went from town to town looking for that perfect match
The one young lady who’d always have my back
Time came and time went by
And I still searching for you each night
Then one sunny afternoon in July
I met the girl that would change my life
Your beauty is gift possessed by few
I am so blessed to have met you
I want you to know I fell for you
And I hope you know that my love is true
Words can’t express the way I feel
Your love for me is unbelievably real
There must be someone out there better than me
But to have the knowledge that you want me
Words just won’t do justice to what I mean
So I’ll simply say; “I love you” and let that be
After years of searching, searching for you
While you were waiting to be found too
I finally found the one without whom I can’t do

Copyright © 2007 Caleb S. Allen

One thought on “Searching For You

  1. Caleb thank you. This poem means so much to me. I love you so much. There is no better man for me… trust me on that. You are an amazing man. Never forget that.


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