The Beginning

And this is how it happened way back when

His heart was so hard it wouldn’t bend

He met a girl sent from above
And his heart melted as he fell in love
They were both told to take it slow
And that it was impossible, so soon, to know
Though the fought real hard it wasn’t enough
To continue not knowing was so very tough
So they did what they thought best to do
And clung to a hope that it was true
Each one trusted their heart and started down the road
The road that would lead them where they wanted to go
Years came and time flew by
Before they knew it they’d started their life
Together they walked through joy and strife
They couldn’t help but smile when they were side by side
The road they travelled came to an end
As they laid on their death bed with a great big grin
They had lived long lives with their true love
And were now going home together above
As they lay down one last time
They couldn’t help but think of that first night
So they reminisced about the times that had past
And when they were done both of them breathed their last.
Copyright © 2007 Caleb S. Allen

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