Introduction to Spank’s book.

So, my brother is working on writing a book. I’m doing the editing for it and from what I have read it is going to be really good, and VERY interesting. Below is the introduction to his book. It’s part of a series titled: Dark Moon Series.

“It all started on a strange night for me, even though it has been here longer than many think. I wanted to take a walk in our wood’s, when i stepped in i started hearing voices. Naturally i thought it was all in my head, but i looked around and what i saw most every one would not believe. I saw three creatures, one like a wolf, another like a human with wings and a third one

strange creature that at this time i do not have a good description, but you could easily tell it was in charge. When i saw this i got out of those woods as fast as i could and as quiet as i could. When i got inside i could not believe what i had seen.”


3 thoughts on “Introduction to Spank’s book.

  1. Well actually I had to change the name because of some amazon searching and their is already a series called "The Dark Moon series." So I have been brain storming and searching all day and have come up with this!: The New Rangers series, (Read the book and you will understand the name!)Jack,


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