Sometimes I want to run away from everything around me
Just take off running down this old gravel road
I want to leave all I know behind…I just wanna be free
But I can’t so instead I’ll just walk, walk until my feet turn cold

Sometimes my life seems to be alright
midnight trips to visit Wally World and great talks about God
But then at other times all it seems I do is fight
fightin’ about things that don’t even matter
and in the end all I got was a heart, bruised and shattered

Sometimes I find myself in the middle of a battle
Two forces fighting to gain control of me
So I run to my King and scream for help
I say, “The devil’s trying to get me and I can’t win this myself”

Sometimes I find myself sitting on a fence
People keep telling me to come and join them
Wanting to go over but yet wanting to stay in
Look back at where I had just been, and saw my Savior standing there
He said, “will come and dine with Me again?”
On my knees I cried, “God, I’m not worthy to be your friend!”
“I know you’re not worthy, but My Son has covered that”
That’s what He said to as He lifted me to my feet
Wiped the tears from my eyes and the dust from my back


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