Will You Marry Me?

This is the poem that I wrote for Hannah… I was going to use it to propose but changed my mind last minute.

I have not been perfect

And for that I’m so sorry

Many times what I said cut you deeply

And though I can’t erase their memory

You know I’ve always loved you with every part of me

There will be times when we’re together that you’ll want to scream

I hate the thought of these times coming

So again I say, I’m very sorry

But through all those frustrating, hurtful times

I still only want you to be forever mine

Sure there may be times you want to leave

And the words I say you might not always believe

But in all the heartache, the pain and sorrow

I would still hope you’d be with me tomorrow

Now with all this said, no more wasting time

I ask you now, will you be mine?

Will you love me forever till death do we part?

Will you take my hand, and hold tight to my heart?

Oh and one more thing before we leave this place

Will you marry me, my dear Sweetheart?


One thought on “Will You Marry Me?

  1. Oh sweetheart… I still tear up when I read this. This is a beautiful poem and I am honored to have you written it for me and honored to be your fiancee. I love you darling. I'm so proud of your talent for poetry. ❤


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