Opinions and Advice

I have often wrote covering different issues or have told someone about a trial I’m going through, and one thing that gets on my nerves more than anything else is ignorant people giving advice on things/situations they know nothing about. If you have the experience behind your belt and I ask for your advice than by all means, share! If you read something I wrote and you see where I asked for peoples opinion be sure NOT to confuse opinion with advice. There are things and situations that you, as the “outsider” hearing it second hand, can understand. Also, some issues require you to have knowledge and experience before you venture into the advice giving arena. If you don’t meet both qualifications just mentioned, your “advice” has no place unless one has requested it. If one has written a blog and didn’t request either your opinion or your advice, I would caution you to stick to simply commenting on what was said. Comments don’t have to be your opinions or advice. They could easily be you sharing something similar that happened to you, or you could imagine being in the shoes of the individual who wrote the blog and possibly mention how you would feel if that had happened to you.

For those who have stuck with giving your opinion when I asked for it, Thank you! I appreciate it. We may not agree, but you are entitled to your own opinion on the matter.

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