Marriage survey

As many of you know, I am getting married in May. It is very exciting, yet scary at the same time. one of my greatest desires for Hannah, as her husband, is to be the best husband I can be. Yesterday, while I was at work the thought came to mind; what can I do to ensure that I will be a good, godly husband? After meditating on that question for some time, I had a wonderful idea, I would write a survey and pass it out to many of my married friends and see what they said. So, last night after I got off work, I began to write. After we’ll say, 30 minutes to an hour, my survey was complete. All I have to do now is find people willing to take it. After I get all the surveys back I will tell you what I learned, and the conclusion that I arrive at.

If you have any suggestions as to who I could send it to, ask them first and if they say yes, send me their mailing address


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