Pastoral Leadership Standards vs. Christian Layman Standards

Over the last year, while conversing with people about the standards for Christians, the one implication which I hear constantly is; while pastors or those striving to be pastors are held to high standards (these can be found in detail in 1 Timothy and Titus) the Christian layperson isn’t to be held to these standards. Now, I agree that as pastors/deacons or men striving to be pastors/deacons that we are held to a higher standard, but I believe that means God holds us to higher standards because we are tasked with the care of His bride. However, I also believe that as a Christian layperson these standards found in 1 Timothy and Titus apply to you and I as well. Just because you aren’t a caretaker doesn’t lower the bar for you. If you appoint someone to watch over your wife while you are away, you have certain expectations of conduct which you expect from the person you have given the task too, however, you would also hold those same expectations for your wife (example, if you tell said caretaker not to attempt any sort of immorality with your wife, you also expect that she won’t attempt that either). As pastors, we are held to a higher standard because we are caring for something that doesn’t belong to us. Just because a pastor is to be above reproach, husband to one wife, not quick tempered, or drunk (to list a few), doesn’t give the Christian layperson the right to the opposite of these. When it boils down to it, we are all children of the King and should behave as such.

If you disagree feel free to state your case.


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