I love listening to music. Some years ago, I was convicted about listening to music that wasn’t God honoring and God directed. Purging my iTunes was a priority for this Summer. Since I have this conviction, I tend to pay more attention than (in my experience) most professing Christians to what the song I am playing says. The more I listen to the modern Praise and Worship songs, I see how shallow they are. Most of the songs barely scratch the surface of the greatness of God, His attributes, or even just a biblical message. With this shallowness that I kept running into and the want for other styles of music, I was introduced to Christian Hip hop. I found that the Hip hop guys I listen to tend to be lyrically stronger than most of the modern praise bands.

Over the last few years, my preference in music styles has shifted slightly. Up until a few years ago, I have primarily listened to Christian Rock/Pop (i.e. Skillet, Disciple, TobyMac etc), however lately, I’ve been listening to Christian Hip Hop/Rap. It has amazed me to see how solid some of these guy’s lyrics are. My favorite Hip hop artists are Lecrae and Tedashii. If you are interested in some good here is my suggestion. The 116 Clique guys are some of the most solid artists I have come across. This album is also available for MP3 download if you don’t want to wait for it to come in.


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