Convictions, Music, and all those things

Those who know me are aware that I only listen to Christian music. The reason for this is primarily because God has blessed me with such a conviction, and the secondary reason is influence. Basically, I can either listen to music that will only bring me down, or I can listen to music that will lift me up. I choose the latter. Because there are artists out there who sell albums under the Christian label, whose lyrics aren’t blatantly about or directed towards God, I have found myself being more and more particular with what I listen too. That is why I often listen to Lecrae, Tedashii, Jesus Disciple, and so on. These men, along with many others, strive to keep their lyrics Christ-centered. I really appreciate that. I have been told about Christian artists in other genres that do the same, but I’m not as familiar with them as I am with the Christian hip hop/rap artists.

I have learned over the years that music has a profound impact on our daily life. We receive subliminal… sermons from the various things we listen to, from Eminem’s The Real Slim Shady to Nickelback’s Animals. For the professing Christian, these artist’s songs are polluted, but we sit back and do nothing while our values get trampled into the ground by the secular world. Now don’t take me wrong, I realize that God has blessed secular artists with amazing talents, but that shouldn’t be your excuse and mine for why we support music that doesn’t glorify our Saviour. This is why I love what The Apologetix do.

Having said all of that, allow me to ask ya’ll a question. Should a “Christian artist” write primarily Christ-centered songs? Why or why not?

*Please stick to the topic in question when answering*


3 thoughts on “Convictions, Music, and all those things

  1. I don't think that Christian artists should not be able to branch into a different type of song, as long as what they write is honorable to God.Because even if it is not a song written directly for God, if the writer is not in pursuit of sin by writing this song, then that is worship to God.As an example; When a father sees his child do something, he gets excited for him/her. What the child is doing is not in rebellion against the father, so the father is joyful for the child. Joyful, and supportive.If an earthly father can get so excited over something like that, how much more so is God over us?


  2. John Mark, I didn't say they can't "branch into a different type of song". My point was that if one is going to market their music as "Christian music", their music should be primarily focused on God. Also, I understand the example you gave about the father to child, but that isn't the issue. The issue is child to father, and that changes everything.


  3. Well, in that case, it is a personal conviction. It's not wrong, it is just a conviction. It is like, something that you and dad did as a kid, and just wasn't as fun without dad. That is yours and dad's "thing," I know some people who feel the same with God and music. It is a personal conviction.


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