The Doctrine of Salvation

There has long been a debate over whether God predestines one to salvation or if man chooses his own eternal destiny. My intention in writing this blog isn’t to stir up this lively debate once again, but rather to share a conclusion which I have come to. Those who know me are aware that I lean towards the reformed view that says God chooses whom He saves. I believe that when read within the context of scripture, to say God chooses who He saves is the biblically accurate option.

In the course of this long standing debate the character of God has often been brought up in attempts to prove and/or disprove one view or another. What I have begun to realize is we cannot fully understand all the attributes of God which defines His characteristics. With that being understood, it is foolish to think our limited finite minds can grasp the nature of God Almighty in His fullness. Therefore, we must accept that which doesn’t make sense in our minds. That God, for reasons we don’t and can’t understand, saves some and not others, whether it be due to man’s rejection of God or God’s divine sovereignty. In his sermon titled Sovereign Grace, C.J. Mahaney says “The best rule of sobriety is not only in learning to follow wherever God leads, but also when He makes an end to teaching to cease wishing to be wise.” So we must simply trust that God knows what He is doing, and we need to realize God isn’t obligated to give explanations for what He does.


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