Babies, Abortion, and Heaven

This past Wednesday, I was talking to my home leader/friend after home group had ended. We both have much of the same interests (guns, theology etc.) and share very similar viewpoints as well. This particular conversation was mostly about salvation. As we talked talked the conversation shifted slightly to whether or not babies go to heaven or hell when they die, and how the unbelieving world views abortion. Neither one of us are aware of a passage in The Scriptures that states they (babies) go to heaven. One argument that is often used by the unbeliever* when talking about abortion is when life begins. As Christians we believe that life begins at conception. Now, if our physical life begins at conception wouldn’t our spiritual life also begin at conception? Therefore, because we know that physical life begins at conception, I believe it is safe to save that one’s spiritual damnation also begins at conception. We have read many times throughout The Scriptures that we are inherently wicked (Psalm 51:5, 58:3; Job 15:14), and it is this wickedness that condemns us to eternal separation from God Almighty (Rom. 3, 6:15-23). Also, when Chris and I were talking last Sunday, he made the comment that he believes his children are obligated to choose God because they are being raised in a God fearing home. So, what I have concluded is that babies (who die prematurely) of unbelievers are separated from God, yet those babies of believers taken to Him. I don’t have any Scripture to back up this last statement because it is simply an assumption on my part. If I come across anything Scripture supporting or refuting this idea I will be quick to post it.

As Chris mentioned in his comment, the only way an infant who dies prematurely will enter in the Lord’s presence for the rest of eternity, is by God’s divine choosing (which is also the only way that anyone will will forever exist in the presence of God). Therefore, when talking about the unbeliever’s baby the only thing we can say for sure is; “I don’t know.” Because God doesn’t own us the answer of whom has been chosen.

*By “unbeliever” I am referring to those who aren’t saved and use this logic. I understand that there may very be unbelievers who disagree with this.


2 thoughts on “Babies, Abortion, and Heaven

  1. Caleb, Although the babies of unbelievers are separated from God by virtue of their depraved natures, you must remember that God is free to regenerate an unbeliever's infant at his pleasure. Therefore, you should amend your statement to: "babies of unbelievers(who die prematurely) are separated from God, BUT GOD MAY FREELY APPLY THE BLOOD OF JESUS TO THEM ACCORDING TO HIS GOOD PLEASURE." Caleb, the thing is, is that the believer has the promise and surety that his child is in heaven and the Bible explicitly offers this assurance. However, the Bible is silent in regard to unbeliever's children and therefore the only way that they can have 100% assurance for their children is if they become believers and therefore know of God's covenant faithfulness to believer's children and relying on Christ for not only their salvation, but also their dead infants salvation. Pretty cool, right?


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