Christians are like Car Batteries

As I am sure many of you know, I am currently enrolled in the auto repair program at the local community college. This semester and next semester we are covering the electric aspect of automobiles. One thing we are covering this week is batteries used in vehicles. Now I am sure you are wondering what this has to do with us as followers of Jesus Christ. So I will get right to the point.

Overtime, a battery’s voltage is consumed. There are two basic ways that energy can be exerted from the battery, (1) it can be sent out to meet the needs of the systems in need of power, or (2) it can lose voltage due to a parasitic draw. How is relevant to Christianity? Well one way a battery regains this loss is by charging the battery. As Christians, we need to be recharged, and fellowship is one way of accomplishing this (of course, spending time in God’s Word is another way). Fellowship with our Christian Brothers and sisters, has a way of strengthening us in our walk with God, just charging a battery restores it’s life.

Likewise, just as a parasitic draw discharges the battery over time, negative influences in our life drain the spiritual strength from us. *Note! This is not to say that people have the power to take us out of our Father’s hand. I am referring to the influences in our life.* Therefore, just as parasitic draws must be recognized and dealt with, we also must realize those who would hinder our spiritual walk rather than strengthen it.

So, I say it again, Christians are like car batteries.


One thought on “Christians are like Car Batteries

  1. Awesome! I like the idea of recharging our battery as restoring life, because as we saw in Hebrews 3 today, “one another” is how God keeps us believing. Therefore, if we do not have a small group (which God has commanded for us to have) then we are risking the very salvation of our souls. Think about it this way: it is a technical possibility that tomorrow I walk away from Christ and harden my unbelieving heart. What would that mean for my faith today? It would mean that my faith today is a man-made faith; one inspired by the blessings and joy that belief in Jesus brings, but it would mean that my faith today was NOT a faith that comes from God. Because the faith that comes from God is irrevocable.


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