The Bride of Christ, Marriage, and War

Today, I was listening to a hip hop song called Who Is He by Json. In this song, Json uses a clip from one of Pastor John Piper’s sermons. Basically what is being communicated is how incredible Jesus’ act of coming to earth and dying for our sins really is. Now, I love this song and have listened to it countless times. However, this time was different. As I mindlessly listened to the song it struck me, Jesus came to earth to die FOR HIS BRIDE! Do you see how awesome this is? The church is often called the bride of Christ. We see this throughout the Old Testament, and then in the New Testament, Jesus Christ shows us just how seriously in love with His bride He is. In the OT, this is most evident when God commands Hosea to marry the whore. Hosea never ceased to chasing after his bride and bringing her home. Jesus took this to a whole new level. You see, Hosea bought his bride back with money, but Jesus, Jesus bought His bride with His blood. Throughout history, God’s people have constantly turned their back on Him, only to cry out and be reunited with the Father. But even after being rescued, we still forsake His ways. So ultimately, Jesus chose to come and die so that He may ransom back His bride. How amazing is that? That means Jesus carried so much for His bride that giving His life was a worthwhile investment. Being a married man myself, this realization has opened my eyes to a glimpse of how seriously God takes the sacred union we call marriage. This means that when we enter into a marriage relationship, we should do so fully armored with the best weapon available, standing ready, anticipating the coming of the devil and his forces against this God-ordained union. Divorce should be the terms of surrender that we rip in two and cast into the fire as an act of defiance towards the devil and his schemes. I believe it has long been the time for us to stand up, and declare war on sin! We often hear of spiritual warfare and pass it off as another science fiction movie with vampires and werewolves. Spiritual warfare is real, and I say it is time we treated it as such. God has given us all we need to battle, so why do we allow these weapons and armor to sit idly on the shelf and in the closet collecting dust when the enemy is at our doorstep?

In the coming months, I will be working on writing a theology of biblical manhood and womanhood. I hope this will serve as a wake up call to all professing believers of just how much we have been brainwashed by the culture we live in.


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