Saint vs. Sinner

I am a saint. I am not perfect; I’m not without sin, not always compassionate, nor am I slow to anger (to name a few). However, I am not a sinner. This is not to be confused as me not sinning. When I say I am not a sinner, it is because through the work of God’s Son on the cross, I have been cleansed of my guilt before God the Father. In my body a war is waging over my soul. This war is being sin (the flesh) and sainthood (the Spirit).Today, I was able to see the effects of this because I have come to realize that I am one who tends to be slow to reconcile. Thankfully, God has brought people into my life to humble me and help keep me on the narrow path of godliness. Even though I am slow to reconcile, it is what I desire deep within my being (Romans 7). This is because of the new life that I have been granted through Jesus Christ (2 Cor. 5:16-21). I’m sure by now you are probably asking yourself why I am writing all of this. Well here it goes. I have come to realize that I have been harboring anger towards a fellow professing believer. As such, I need prayer and support to make things right… at least as far as I am concerned. This is hard for me because of the pride within my own heart, and my reluctance to let go of how I have been wronged. As you think of me and my wife, please be praying for us, especially me, that we will do our part to get things resolved and that we will go about it in Christ-like manners.


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