The Institution of Marriage

In our society the institution of marriage is finds itself under attack. There is a movement going on that is seeking to redefine what marriage is. With this in mind, I must state where I stand on this issue.

I believe that the institution of marriage was God ordained and God defined. I believe that it is God, and only God who can therefore decide what marriage should be. I believe that homosexuality is a sin against the Almighty and Holy God. As one aspiring to be a pastor/elder once my schooling is finished, and as a follower of Jesus Christ, I do not condone homosexuality. Once I am ordained as a pastor/elder, regardless of the ruling of this nation concerning homosexual marriages, I will NOT officiate the ceremony of a homosexual because I believe to do so would be the same as slapping my God in the face, and as far as it depends on me, I will not partake in such actions. I am not saying that I hate homosexuals. I am saying that I do not condone the actions or lifestyles of those in the homosexual community.

With that being said, I strongly urge all professing Christians to fall on their knees in prayer and ask God to change the way this nation is heading. Because the only one who can change it is God. I DO NOT think that we should be hateful, as some who claim the name of God, to those trapped in the homosexual lifestyle. As followers of Jesus Christ, we should be loving in our disagreement of this abominable lifestyle, yet unwavering in our stand against it.


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