Confession Regarding Family Worship

Within the last several months, I have learned that part of being the spiritual head of your family is to lead them in family worship on a daily basis. This is something that scares me because I feel as if I’m not up to the task. That this task, which I greatly desire to take on, is too much for me. I didn’t grow up observing daily family worship, so I am not sure where to start, or what is required of me in this regard. I don’t know how much preparation should go into this time, how deep should I strive to delve into God’s Word, and so on. This is a struggle because I know I will answer to God for the way in which I lead my family. I have briefly mentioned to my home group leader at Church that I need to talk with him about this, however neither of us have had the time thus far. Please be praying for me. Pray that God will give me the strength, courage, and steadfastness to lead my family as I ought, and that He will remove this fear that I have of not knowing how. Also, if you have any suggestions, leave a comment below.


One thought on “Confession Regarding Family Worship

  1. Start small – daily family prayer time. Don’t tackle everything at once; prayer is worship. Or just start with a daily devo – oswald chambers my utmost for his highest is a great one.


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