Who’s your boss?

On Thursday, March 22nd, I saw a bumper sticker on a truck that said; “My boss is a Jewish Carpenter.” This sticker got the gears of
my mind stirring. I’m not sure about you, but many of my past bosses I haven’t liked. So I would obey them, not out of love or adoration of them but because I knew if I didn’t I’d lose my job. Therefore, for one to say that Jesus is their boss requires a few questions to be answered; 1) What is your view of a boss? 2) How do you respond to your boss’ orders? Do you obey them willingly or because you have to? 3) Do you ALWAYS do as your boss commands? After you have pondered these questions, go through them again this time replacing “your boss” with “God” and consider your answers. If you can say that you follow the One True God in all you do (or at least you strive to) then please continue saying that He is you boss. However, if you have created a false god based on how you think God should be and act rather than on what His Scripture has revealed of Him then please stop saying that Jesus is your boss. It is hypocritical and only serves to smudge others view of God.


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