Jesus on Every Page by Dr. David Murray

Over the last couple weeks, the primary book that I have been reading is a new book by Dr. David Murray titled Jesus on Every Page. This book has one goal for its reader, namely, to help them see Jesus on every page of Scripture. Now, it is easy for us to see Jesus in the New Testament, but not as easy for us to understand how Jesus appears in the Old Testament. Dr. Murray has sought in this book to help every Christian be able to see Jesus in the Old Testament. And he has done an extraordinary job on taking us down the Emmaus Road. What he has done with this book is seek to demonstrate how Jesus can be found in the Old Testament without over-spiritualizing things. He has essentially taken the same approach that the author to the Hebrews took where he demonstrated Jesus to be superior to all those shadows found in the Old Testament. The book is divided into two parts. Part one (chapters 1-6) contains Dr. Murray’s personal Road to Emmaus journey. Part two (chapters 7-16) is the real meat of the book. It is in part two that Dr. Murray takes us on a refreshing journey through the Old Testament showing us how we can find Christ.

Jesus On Every Page was written and intended for the average Christian. I believe that this book could very well be helpful for pastors, seminarians, professors, however, we must realize that these are not the target audience for the book. To further illustrate this to be the case, the following was taken from the preface.

Jesus on Every Page is an accessible guide to the increasingly

popular subject of Jesus in the Old Testament. Although much

has been written to help pastors with preaching Jesus from the

Old Testament, there is little that provides sound principles and

practical help for the average Christian who wants to explore this

important way of knowing Jesus through His Word.”

It is will this audience, us average Christians, that Dr. Murray has written this book. I am fully convinced that he has written a wonderful book to help the average Christian gain a better understanding of Christ in the Old Testament. If you desire a deeper understanding of God’s Word and specifically how Jesus fits in the various aspects of the Old Testament such as the Law, Prophets, History, Poetry and so on, this book is for you. If you read the book and take it to heart, I am certain that you will not be disappointed and that you will be able to read Scripture and better grasp how Jesus fits into the Old Testament.

Check out the website for the book and be sure to purchase a copy for yourself here


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