My Stance on Christmas, More Appropriately Called “Christ Mass”

My household does not celebrate Christmas, more appropriately called “Christ Mass” or “the Mass of Christ”. We used to but have stopped for the simple reason that it is not commanded in Scripture. In the Old Testament, the Israelites were commanded to observe certain feasts (Feast of Booths and Passover are some examples). These feasts found their fulfillment in Christ. That is why we only find the command in the New Testament to observe the Lord’s Supper. Another reason why we no longer observe Christmas is because it is not a Christian holiday, but a pagan one. Christmas came about as an attempt to convert the pagan Romans to Christianity by telling them they could still celebrate the Saturnalia as Christians.  This is, of course, a direct violation of the second commandment where God has commanded us not to worship Him as the Heathen worship their gods. So here is a question that I was pondering prior to coming to this position; Can one celebrate a pagan holy day, or even a Christianized version of it which God has not commanded, and not be found guilty of idolatry? We concluded that it is not possible. So rather than be found guilty of rebelling against God and doing that which He has not commanded, we have stopped celebrating Christmas.

My sister Bethany has asked me several questions, and in case their answers could be helpful to you, I have included them below with my answers. Some of these questions are specific to my family, and thus may not apply to others.

1. Why? We believe that The Lord’s Day (aka Sunday, or the Christian Sabbath) is the only day that we, as followers of Christ, are to observe.

2. What lead you to this decision? Mainly the study of Scripture. In the Old Testament, we do find many feast days/holy days that God commanded them to observe, the Feast of Passover and Feast of Booths (or Feast of Tabernacles) are examples of such days. We believe that all of the Old Testament holy days found their fulfillment in Christ, either in His work on the cross (Passover, etc) or in His resurrection from the dead (changing of the Sabbath to the Lord’s Day as the day of our weekly public worship). Also, in the New Testament, we are only commanded to observe the Lord’s Day. Christmas (aka Christ Mass) was an attempt to convert pagans by Christianizing their holy days. 

3. Why Christmas and Easter and not Thanksgiving? We are commanded to give thanks to God. This happens each Lord’s Day when we gather for public worship, and also all throughout the week as we engage in private worship and as we go about our daily lives. Due to family living in various parts of the country, it is not possible for us to gather with all the family more than once per year. Therefore, we will seek to do so around Thanksgiving and will give thanks for God for our family. Christmas and Easter, on the other hand, both find their origins in pagan holidays that celebrated pagan gods, and thus came about by attempts to convert pagans allthewhile telling them that they could still celebrate those holidays. Also, nowhere in Scripture are we commanded to set apart days for the celebration of our Saviour’s birth and resurrection. Rather we are to celebrate the entire work of Christ on The Lord’s Day. 

4. Are you trying to avoid family? No. Avoiding family is the last thing on our mind. Our desire is to be conformed to Christ, and to demonstrate our love for Him. Christ said, “If ye love me, keep my commandments.” (John 14:15, KJV). 

5. Can we send you presents? We would rather you not. However, we cannot stop you from sending gifts. If you decide to send any please know that we will not wait until December 25th to open them since we do not observe the day. Also, we will not be sending any gifts out. 

6. Do you hate Christmas? Yes. Though we did not used to. Our recent findings on what Scripture teaches and the idolatrous origin of christmas has led us to hate it. 

7. How can your family support you? One of the biggest ways of supporting us would be to acknowledge our view on such holidays and realize that our goal is to follow Christ. 


Helpful Resourses

[1] This is a sermon series on Christmas, highly recommend it.

[2]  This is a helpful article that documents the pagan origin of Christmas and corresponding customs. Beware, there is an image of Christ at the end. I apologize for this.

[3] This sermon is also helpful


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