Hello World :)

It has been about two years since I last posted, many apologies for absence. Life has been rather hectic since my last update. With the busyness of life, I seem to have forgotten about this blog. So here is a rundown of what has happened over the last two years.

In October of 2013, I started what would become the long, final stretch of my undergraduate studies. As a Liberty University Online student, Fall and Spring semesters could be divided into two 8 week sections, hence my Fall Semester starting in October. Now the Fall 2013 Semester didn’t shape up to being anything different than previous semesters. I took 12 credit hours. Those 12 credit hours would essentially be “the calm before the storm” of the next two semesters. The Spring Semester was by far the hardest semester I have ever endured. And endure is exactly what I did. Sometimes I wonder if I would have been better suited stretching it out another semester, but I really wanted to being seminary in the Fall of 2014. Now it was not any particular class that made the Spring of 2014 so hard. None of the classes were of an overwhelming difficulty. The sheer mass of classes made it nearly unbearable. twenty-one credit hours was my load for that semester. By the end, I could have used a couple months of rest and recovery. But alas, there would be no rest for the weary because two days after the Spring Semester ended, the Summer Semester began. Summer 2014 brought with it a level of exhaustion that I had never before experienced. Following my twenty-one credit Spring Semester was a fifteen credit Summer Semester. Those eight months were not fun. I did not enjoy them. Looking back upon them, I am simply glad they are over. As hard as those eight months were, finally finishing my bachelors was well worth it. Lest anyone think otherwise, it is important to note that the hero of those final semesters was my wife. She worked and provided morale support for me. Without her, I don’t think I would have been able to make it through as I did.

Fall of 2014 was the beginning of a joyous and yet frustrating time. Joyous because I had completed my undergraduate studies and started seminary. But also frustrating because as the 2014-2015 school year went along, I was realized the push to finish my bachelors degree successfully burnt me out on academics. With the support of my wife and some of new friends, I was able to push through, learn much, and pass all of my classes. I am so very thankful for the support from my friends and family over the last several years. God has truly blessed me. 🙂

Now I am about halfway through the Fall 2015 Quarter. I have recovered from my academic burn out. Classes are going well, and I continue to learn much. This school year brings an entirely new set of challenges since God has seen fit to expand our little family. This will likely mean a return to work and slowing down of seminary studies for me. Neither of which am I opposed to.

On a different note, I might be changing the dynamic of this blog as far as future content. We’ll see. Anyway, I hope you have enjoyed the update.


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