How long, how deep, how wide is the love of Jesus the Christ

Just the other day I was listening to a song by Json called Who Is He. At one point in the song (towards the end) he used an audio clip from one of John Piper‘s sermons. The quote went like this, “In order for Jesus to suffer and die, he had to plan it way ahead of time because he couldn’t die, immortal, he didn’t have any body, yet he wanted to die; for you. So he planned the whole thing by clothing himself with a body so that he could get hungry, and get weary, and get sore feet. The incarnation is the preparation of nerve endings for the nails, the preparation of a brow for thorns pressed through. He needed to have a broad back so that there was a place whip. He need to have feet so that there was a place for spikes. He needed to have a side so that there was a place to the sword to go in. He needed fleshy cheeks so judas would have a place to kiss and there would be a place for the spit that the soldiers put on Him. He needed a brain and a spinal column with no vinegar  and no gauss, so that the exquisiteness of the pain could be fully felt.” Think about the dedication shown by God Almighty. In Greek mythology the gods created mankind so they (the gods) could be shown love. However, God created mankind to show them His love. We see this in the sacrifice that His Son made for all of us. It is so amazing that God would send His only Son to die for a people, most of whom hate Him. Imagine that for a moment, that is like you dying for the very person who hates you even though you’ve only given them reasons to love you. But let’s also remember that Scripture tells us that Jesus gave up His life willingly for us. So this wasn’t simply God telling His Son, “You are going to die for these people” but Jesus offered to die. He wanted to die a horrible death in order to reconcile us to Almighty God. So God did all of this, preparing Jesus to die, and sending Him to die at the appointed time, out of love for us. That is basically what the Gospel is. The story of Christ’s coming to earth to reconcile God’s people back to Himself. Unfortunately this Gospel is no longer “good enough” for western Christianity, so we tell people to get their best life now, and the Gospel is sugar-coated by telling them “God has a wonderful plan for your life.” I pray there is a reformation of proclaiming Christians, an earnest heartfelt desire and longing to follow God and the teachings set down in His Word.


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